Cillian Murphy loved working with Chris Hemsworth

Updated / Friday, 18 Dec 2015 16:39

Cillian Murphy loved working alongside Chris Hemsworth

Cillian Murphy has spoken about acting alongside Australian actor Chris Hemsworth in his new movie In The Heart Of The Sea, saying it was a "great" experience.

They play sailors in Ron Howard's adventure epic, which tells the true story of the Essex, a ship which was attacked by a whale and became the inspiration for Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick.

Speaking to RTÉ presenter Geri Maye, Murphy said: "What we tried to portray was that this relationship runs deep but isn't probably articulated very often and it's only that the extraordinary events that take place and what they have to go through that brings it to the fore.

"And it was great to act alongside Chris like that, and to work on it together and figure out what these guys actually went through."

#CillianMurphy said it was great working alongside @chrishemsworth in #InTheHeartOfTheSea

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The Cork-born actor also opened up on his experience while losing weight for the film in order to portray the starving sailor, saying "it was actually trying not to be cranky" that was one of the hardest things.

He said: "It was actually trying not to be cranky that was one of the biggest things, just try to get through the day. People reacted in different ways to it, some people would go very silent, some people would be hysterical. But we knew it was finite, everybody had their death scene or their skinniest scene that they had to get through, and everyone was working towards that."

However, the unique shooting experience wasn't all bad because it forced the cast, which included Hemsworth, Ben Whishaw, Brendan Gleeson and Tom Holland, to bond quickly. Murphy said: "But everyone was away from home, we were on this little island, it was a strange experience but you make close friendships very quickly and you trust the guys you're working with a lot."

Murphy admitted that the film presented unique challenges to the cast, saying: "I seem to recall those days when we were drifting out on the boats, we would be out on the ocean for 12 hours, not eating and then trying to muster up the strength to do the performances.

"You start thinking about the simplest of things, they become magnified and huge. It feels like being on the ocean is like being incarcerated in some way because you can't escape."

His co-star Tom Holland also spoke about his most difficult scene to shoot, saying: "I think for me getting in the whale's head was just unbearable. It was freezing, it was about two in the morning and we did it twenty times maybe. And it was kind of embarrassing trying to clamber out of this thing, and I kept slipping back in. Then they had to throw a rope down and I banged my head.

"It just wasn't a good day for the Holland team. And then Ron [Howard] announced two days later that we had to reshoot it. But my brother came on the second time we shot it and he enjoyed my suffering."

In the Heart of the Sea opens in cinemas on December 26.