Chris Martin takes advice from Bono

Updated / Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014 11:19

Martin: "It does something to your brain which is odd"

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has taken advice from "key peers" Bono and Michael Stipe over the years.

The 37-year-old singer admits it can be difficult being an arena rock star as only a selective amount of people share his career.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Zayn Lowe, Martin said: ''It does something to your brain which is odd . . . you have to work really hard not to be a real d**k''.

Martin, who split from wife Gwyneth Paltrow last month after 10 years of marriage, said that he uses songwriting as a diary, saying: ''I write music as a diary. I'm never going to be as adept lyrically as Jay Z or Morrissey.''

He also insists that he doesn't care what people think of Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories: ''I don't really mind what anyone says about this album because it's just the truth. It's as true as my nose. Some people have a real problem with my nose, but what can I do?!''

Ghost Stories is released on May 16 and Coldplay appear on Later . . . .with Jools Holland at 10.00pm tonight (April 29) on BBC Two.