Peek inside some of the most exclusive houses on the Irish market

Updated / Thursday, 9 Sep 2021 16:13

If you're looking for home inspiration, look no further.

We've all idled away some hours scanning properties for sale online and on Airbnb, and who doesn't love a wander and a gawk down the more expensive neighbourhoods in the country? We're a charmingly nosey nation, and nowhere is this more clear than in our fascination with houses.

Now, Selling Ireland's Most Exclusive Homes, a brand new RTÉ show, is offering a glimpse into some of the most dazzling properties on our shores.

In the new three-part series we take a deep dive inside some of the most amazing and expensive houses currently on the market in Ireland – and find some truly jaw-dropping places. So if you're looking for inspiration, look no further.

Ballindoolin House

If money was no object, what sort of house would you go for? Country lodges or high-tech masterpieces, waterfront apartments or city centre penthouses? What goes into designing, decorating and maintaining homes like those?

After the pandemic hoards of people moved from one location to another, whether it was the city dweller tired of the traffic, hustle and bustle, or the digital nomad finally taking the leap towards moving and working elsewhere. The Irish countryside became the new it-destination, as people found renewed peace and comfort in the wild landscape and great outdoors.

One sublime place to enjoy that landscape than Ballindoolin House in the horsey heartlands of Carbury, Co Kildare, a magnificent 200 year old Georgian house and one of the largest estates coming to the market in Ireland this year.

After an extensive three-year renovation we follow the house as it's professionally staged before being launched for sale.

Tara Hall

If the countryside wasn't your thing, fret not: windswept headlands and splendid isolation are on the cards too, as we visit Tara Hall, a Regency-style house at Howth, north County Dublin. Dramatically situated on a cliffside, along with its own secret tunnels, Tara Hall has cinematic connections, with a strong link to the classic Gone With The Wind.

If you wanted to wake up to the sound and sight of water, San Elmo Lodge in Dalkey could be your dream spot. Here, less is certainly more, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and gadgets galore throughout. This modernist masterpiece was designed by one of Ireland's most celebrated architects Tom dePaor, known for his dynamic angular buildings.

Dramatic and modern, San Elmo Lodge is carved into the hillside, deceptively proportioned with a sleek façade and you can even swim on the beach below – if you’re able to meet the asking price.

San Elmo Lodge

Historic houses are dotted throughout the country and are always particularly coveted, for good reason. One such property is Kilcreene Lodge near Kilkenny City, which was once owned by the Smithwick's Brewery family and was a hangout for Hollywood stars such as James Cagney and Tyrone Power.

One of the great Irish politicians of the 19th century, "The Liberator" Daniel O’Connell, was often a guest of John Smithwick, he even delivered one of his largest monster rallies in the grounds of the lodge.

History also reverberates throughout Bloomfield House in Donnybrook, Co Dublin, which was once home to the family of rebel leader Robert Emmett. This Georgian townhouse was also once a hospital run by Quakers. It's visited for final time before sale by Robin Mandal, the renowned conservation architect who was part of the team that renovated this Regency-style gem.

Watch Selling Ireland's Most Exclusive Homes Wednesday at 10:35pm on RTÉ One.