Walrus which washed ashore in Kerry reappears in Wales

Updated / Monday, 22 Mar 2021 07:13

The Walrus, which had previously been in an exhausted state, looked to be in good health on the beach in South Pembrokeshire (Image: Amy Compton)

By Daniel Quinn

The Arctic Walrus which had washed ashore on rocks in Co Kerry six days ago has reappeared in Wales.

Both Welsh Marine Life Rescue and Seal Rescue Ireland have said they are confident the animal - which was spotted in South Pembrokeshire - is the same one which appeared at Valentia Island last Sunday.

They have said the size and length of the tusks are consistent with that which was seen in Kerry.

WMLR said the walrus, which had previously been in an exhausted state, looked to be in good health.

The service told RTÉ News they spotted the animal at around 11am this morning up on rocks, adding that all of its limbs looked to be in working order.

(Image: Amy Compton)
(Image: Wales Marine Life Rescue)
(Image: Wales Marine Life Rescue)

It said that the animal "took a tumble" in later trying to move off the rocks, adding that "there was a bit of panic as we could see a little bit of blood".

However, the service continued monitoring the animal, saying that there were no visible injuries.

It eventually began moving its limbs again, before it stood up on its front flippers and swam out to sea with the tide. 

They have urged people to keep well clear of the animal and call relevant marine rescue bodies if there is a sighting.

Seal Rescue Ireland has said the walrus is undoubtedly tired after another long journey, and is urging people to note that it is a sensitive species and avoid disturbing it. 

It has asked people to keep an eye out for the animal, saying people can help by keeping dogs on a lead and observing quietly from a distance at least 300m away.

The group have said that reporting sightings such as this is extremely important for research and protection.

If anyone spots the animal, Seal Rescue Ireland can be contacted on 0871955393.