Revenue sees Local Property Tax compliance rate of 97%

Updated / Monday, 7 Jan 2019 13:31

€482m has been paid by households in Local Property Tax to Revenue for last year

A total of €482m has been paid by households in Local Property Tax to Revenue for 2018.

This includes about €2m in household charge arrears.

Revenue also reported a high compliance rate of 97%, which is in line with previous years.

Today's figures from Revenue show that Carlow was the most compliant county when it came to paying Local Property tax last year with 99.6% of households paying it.

Donegal was the least compliant with 93.3% of households paying their Local Property Tax.

Revenue also said today that mandatory deduction at source for LPT has been applied for approximately 96,000 properties for last year.

The tax collectors also said that 797 cases were referred to the sheriff or external solicitors for collection.

Over 12,800 tax clearance requests were refused due to the non-payment of Local Property Tax, of which almost 97% were subsequently granted clearance following mutually acceptable payment solutions.  

Revenue also noted that over 13,280 valuations have been increased arising from a combination of self-correction and Revenue challenges.

Revenue also today reminded property owners who have not already paid, or made arrangements to pay their 2019 Local Property Tax, that Thursday 10 January is the payment deadline to pay in full by debit or credit card, cheque or annual debit authority.